Magnus Healthcare Consulting Relaunches as Apcivic Health

With its relaunch, the company unveils its AI-enabled SMS platform to address unmet social needs

Pittsburgh, Feb 16, 2023 – Magnus Healthcare Consulting founders Brian Lash and Yogin Shroff announced Thursday that the firm has shed its consulting branding.

"From the beginning we've focused on providing clients innovative strategies to think about and address health-related social needs" said co-founder and COO Yogin Shroff. "This new branding brings greater focus to our role as a solution provider and implementation partner."

Under the new banner of Apcivic Health, the company will focus on improving clients’ population health outcomes with its pioneering AI-enabled SMS platform. With the platform, healthcare leaders can:

  • Run targeted campaigns to address specific social needs like food, housing and access to care
  • Connect members and patients to community-based organizations at rates 10-100x faster than traditional workforce solutions
  • Improve HEDIS and CAHPS while markedly improving member engagement

"This relaunch is our answer to the question clients have asked us for years: ‘We have population risk data – Now what?’" said Apcivic co-founder and CEO Brian Lash. "You have the data. We have the platform. Now let’s do the important work of improving lives together."

Interested parties can visit the firm's website at for more information.

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