Healthier patients through non-medical care.

Apcivic Health is changing whole-person care. Screen more patients for social and behavioral needs, and see them connected to appropriate services with timely and effective care navigation.

Purpose-driven to transform patient care. Learn why in 2 minutes.

A complete package for addressing social and behavioral needs.

Collect non-clinical screens like PHQ-9, WellRx and DAST-10.

Patients complete screens on their phones or via tablet through a user-friendly guided experience. The Apcivic platform converts patient responses into complete and valid CMS-approved forms like PHQ-9 and WellRx.

Address patient social and behavioral needs like never before.

Apcivic's Care Navigators can make outreach as necessary and guide patients with unmet needs to appropriate services in the community. All activity, including closed-loop referrals, is logged in the platform for later review.

Get compensated for doing the right thing.

Billing is a breeze with CPT and Z-code reporting through the Apcivic platform. Inlcude relevant codes with patient billing to receive eligible CMS payments and insurer incentives.

Improve financial performance. Improve lives.

Recapture time. Save up to 5 minutes per patient per screen when screening data is captured via the Apcivic platform.
Improve health outcomes. As much as 80% of a person's health is a function of non-medical needs. Partner with Apcivic to address those needs and improve patient wellbeing.
Get back to doctoring. Focus on what matters — patient medical care — while Apcivic worries about the rest.
"As a career-long mental health clinician, I'm excited to see Apcivic connecting more people to the services they desperately need. That’s a win for health plans, providers, CBOs, and most importantly, for the people served."
-Claire Ryder, Director of Business Development and Social Innovation, Resources for Human Development

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