Introducing the Beyond Determined Podcast from Apcivic Health

The new podcast seeks to spark conversation and insight around the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Pittsburgh, Feb 27, 2023 – Apcivic Health founders Brian Lash and Yogin Shroff announced Monday that the company will launch its own healthcare podcast, Beyond Determined.

"We'll use this format as a way to ignite conversation around some of the most important healthcare issues today," said Apcivic co-founder and COO Yogin Shroff. "We'll talk about the social determinants, but we'll also go beyond (thus the name 'Beyond Determined') to topics from health equity to digital engagement to healthcare strategy."

"The name also speaks to our commitment," added Apcivic co-founder and CEO Brian Lash. "We all know that the administration of healthcare is complex and ever-evolving. Anyone who seeks to transform it had better be 'beyond determined'. We believe that's a message that will resonate."

Listeners should expect the following from the podcast:

  • A concise format that sticks to an agenda
  • Topical and timely conversation pertinent to every healthcare practitioner
  • Lively discussions with industry leaders
  • Actionable insights that can be readily applied to any team or organization

Beyond Determined will release bi-weekly on Mondays beginning February 27. Interested parties can listen to the podcast on the company's website at

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